Personal Training

Here at Core Coach we focus on assessing clients as individuals and the importance of your personal goals. We tailor programmes just for you so they are fun, innovative and challenging.

Nutrition Plans

A healthy diet is a must when taking the ‘healthy lifestyle’ on your journey towards becoming a better and fitter you!
See our nutritional plans and see how they can benefit you and your training.

Fitness Classes

Join our awesome Fitness Classes and train with a group of people all doing their best to achieve goals. All fitness levels welcome as all exercises are customised to your abilities.

Sports Therapy

Core Coach sports therapy, let us take a look at your ongoing pain from your falls, twists or ageing problems etc. To find out more about sports therapy visit our page by clicking the link below.

Kids Fitness

Core Coach kids fitness is a great way for your kids to get healthy and fit, while having fun at the same time, including lots of fitness games, find out more by clicking the link below

About Us

Find out more about what we do here at Core Coach & find out a little bit more about our Personal Trainer
To find out click the link below